Our Principles

Our Principles

Our Vision - Our Mission - Our Values

Our Principles

Our Vision

To be the dairy company that contributes through continuous development and innovative high-quality products to the balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyle of our consumers around the world.

Our Mission

To offer our consumers of all ages healthy and safe products of high quality and nutritional value, contributing to a tastier and healthier way of life, while ensuring the well-being of our people and associates.

Our Values

Integrity. We make decisions in accordance with moral principles and respect for the rules of the markets in which we operate, always in the spirit of fairness and integrity.

Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable to our consumers, employees, associates and suppliers, with respect for their needs, striving daily to be worthy of their trust.

Total Quality. We apply quality assurance schemes to the whole chain, from production to consumption, through daily controls and process certification.

Respect for the Environment. We invest in integrated systems for managing the impact of the production process on the environment and implement systems for recycling.

Trust in People. We promote our people’s well-being by ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, respecting each individual’s rights, providing ongoing training and encouraging initiative, cooperation and professionalism.